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Jane Davenport Fridauary 2020


Good afternoon crafty friends,

I follow Jane Davenport, mostly on Facebook; and this month’s prompts are on the artist/ activist Frida Kahlo. So February is called “Fridauary,” cute name right! Here is her list of prompts:

84350254_10158091171444579_3990830031726182400_o  I have prompt #1 and #3 to share with you today.


Here is Prompt #1 Frida Kahlo (side note I think Jane Davenport had the koala she rescued in mind for prompt one, here is her story on that: click me.) I am not sure, but here is MY interpretation on the prompts:


I used Jane Davenport’s Face Charts called: “I came, I saw, I contoured.” I colored the face with her “Magic Wand pencils.” The flowers were stamped w/ “Build-A-Bouquet,”and colored with Copic Sketch markers.


As another side note: I absolutely LOVE these colored pencils!! I have 3 other allegedly high quality brands, and I really hate using them. My hand fatigue easily using them. I can not get them to blend either. My coloring always turns out awful. HOWEVER, these Magic Wand pencils are creamy, dreamy, and they blend. I am not saying I am great at coloring, by any means, and you might not even like my coloring of my Frida version. But, I do, and I enjoyed the process. (First time trying, w/ practice I’ll get better.)

facecharts Magic-Wand-pencils img


Prompt #3 “La Casa Azul”


For this prompt, I had this page with blue paint on it already, in my JD Art Journal Book. It was a roll off of my brayer, when I mixed JD paints on my Geli Plate for a card.


I went to youtube and watched a few of the home tours to get familiar with this prompt. I found this photo on the web and it inspired me to paint this portion of Frida’s house.


I first drew in my image before I colored it: RDMFK

I used JD’s acrylic paints and her pens to finish it off:

suppliesmfk I used a rubber stamp from Dylusions stamped in the green acrylic paint, for the leaves from the tree.

Drawing and painting in this manner is out of my comfort zone, however I love learning and growing  with in myself, in my art.


I used Jane Davenport’s washi tape to “tip in” my face chart.  *Tip in, is a term used when adding in pages, pictures, papers, etc…. to a journal, bible, etc..

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